Who we are

Who we are In 1887, with the planting of the first vineyards, Don Peppino began the oenological history of the Grasso family, now in its fifth generation engaged in the wine sector.

In 1925 his son Alessio inaugurated the first winery in Milazzo, which immediately became famous for the monumental barrels of hundreds of hectoliters each: thus began the great trade, with the transport by ship, of blended wines from the "plain of Milazzo" which gave a generous alcoholic contribution both to Piedmontese wines and to the great French "Chateau".

In the 1950s a new cellar was created by Carmelo, Alessio's son, who implemented local sales with great success and gave a significant boost to the diffusion of the company name.

From 1984 the company passed to the fourth generation, with still a recurring name, Alessio, who introduces the most modern technologies into the cellar, expands and diversifies the vineyard surfaces with an attentive eye also to organic production.

Quality is the company's goal which never ceases to pursue it and is evidenced by over 120 medals and awards achieved in the most prestigious wine competitions in the world.

These last few years have seen the passing of the baton to the fifth generation with the young Tullio and Carmelo inserted in the key points of the company; they have the task of combining the great family tradition with the modern issues of production and international trade.


In the center of the gulf closed on one side by Milazzo and by Tindari on the other, facing the Aeolian Islands, there is a slope that climbs inland: once this was Feudo Solarìa.
Sullerìa was part of this large territory, the fertile district closest to the sea which still retains its name and has been able to preserve the ancient vineyard cultivations already known in Roman times.
In fact, it is said that in 260 BC the Sullerìa wine was offered to Caio Duilio, inventor of the deadly rostrum for boarding enemy ships, who toasted the decisive victory over the Carthaginians in the waters of Milazzo.
Today Sullerìa gives its name to a line of wines that are the result of a project whose primary objective is to offer products that are extremely representative of the territory of origin by merging the recovery of the winemaking tradition and native vines with the use of technologies of avant-garde.
The Sullerìa wines therefore want to be an index aimed at the exaltation of the oenological potential offered by the local territory, opening an alternative road to the usual references imposed by international grape-based products.
From the cadastral location of the vineyard a pure Nero D'avola was born which took the name of "Foglio Cinquanta".


Cantine Grasso, founded in 1887, has been handed down from father to son for five generations with a constant goal over time: quality.

The company is based in Milazzo in the north-eastern part of Sicily, on the Tyrrhenian side of the province of Messina, facing the Aeolian Islands.
The particular conformation of the territory that suddenly changes from the coastal plain to the high hills, has imposed a particular viticulture characterized by a marked fragmentation.

The company now has vineyards located in various parts of the province of Messina and Sicily.

For some years the production has been totally converted to the biological system: this means that no chemical products (herbicides, pesticides, insecticides) are used in the cultivation of the vineyards and consequently the wine obtained is totally free from chemical residues.

In recent times the cellar equipment has been totally modernized by adopting the most advanced technologies for the entire production cycle, from receiving the grapes to pressing, from thermal control of fermentation and storage to the final bottling stages.

Each wine is the result of a historical research of local traditions which are combined in absolute harmony with the various technological solutions of our days.